Conditions for Participation: SCHÖNER WOHNEN BEST OF DESIGN Award 2024


Users can submit products in the categories mentioned on the website via this website. The products will be judged by a jury of SCHÖNER WOHNEN editors. Products will be awarded a prize if they are selected as prize winners on the basis of the criteria chosen by the editorial team. Award winners will automatically receive a licence to use the SCHÖNER WOHNEN BEST OF DESIGN-Award seal and the winning product will be published, either in the SCHÖNER WOHNEN DESIGN SPEZIAL special edition or on

With the submission of products via the website, the following set-up and usage fees apply:

  1. For submission and evaluation: 99 €* per product.
  2. Award winners, i.e. award-winning products, additionally pay the licence fee for the SCHÖNER WOHNEN BEST OF DESIGN-Award seal of 2,900 €* per product. These fees are obligatory if a products wins the BEST OF DESIGN-Award regardless of the intent to use or the actual usage of the award seal. For products that are not awarded prizes, only the fees for submission and evaluation are due. You will find the fees again on the page “Prices”.

The fees are due immediately upon invoicing by Globis GmbH. The invoice will be issued after the evaluation of the submitted products, the notification of the result and, if applicable, the delivery of the SCHÖNER WOHNEN BEST OF DESIGN-Award seal.

Submission & Award

No special conditions apply to the submission of products. However, the products must fit into the available categories. We may reject submissions without reason; in this case, no fees will be charged.

The award may be revoked if information provided with the submission turns out to be untrue or if the products submitted violate applicable laws. Upon revocation, the licence to use the BEST OF DESIGN-Award seal expires with immediate effect.


Award winners will receive a basic licence to use the SCHÖNER WOHNEN BEST OF DESIGN-Award seal for all media, with the exception of TV. The licence is valid for 2 years after receipt of the seal. The licence is limited to the DACH region, where the Award seal is registered as a trademark. Usage outside of the DACH region is allowed at user’s own risk. If different terms are required, please contact us beforehand.
The BEST OF DESIGN seal may only be used in the context of advertising the award-winning product.

Detailed terms of use and licensing can be found here.

Place of Jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction shall be the location of the court responsible for Berlin, Germany.


*VAT may apply