Two experienced and dedicated partners

SCHÖNER WOHNEN is the leading German-speaking magazine for stylish living. It inspires its readers on the topics of furnishing, design, architecture, lifestyle, gardening and travel and helps readers to realise their personal living dreams.

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, SCHÖNER WOHNEN is the undisputed No. 1 among interior design magazines (links in German):

It also commands the largest readership-base across Europe.

SCHÖNER WOHNEN magazine organises the evaluation of the submitted products, drawing from the extensive experience in the field. Thus, BEST OF DESIGN awarded products are truely unique and outstanding.

SCHÖNER WOHNEN is published by Gruner + Jahr, the leading German publisher of quality-magazines. A small selection of additional publications by Gruner + Jahr are: STERN, BRIGITTE, CAPITAL and GEO. The organization of the award and the coordination of all partners involved is done exclusively by Gruner + Jahr Deutschland.

Globis Consulting is a specialized research and consulting company with a focus on customer experience. Globis is partner of various media houses and responsible for various comprehensive research projects. Its expertise ensures high-quality results. As partner of the BEST OF DESIGN-Award Globis ensures various operations starting from marketing, handling of award-participants to delivering of the results.